Common Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I determine the right price to sell?

This is a great question! First you want to do a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to determine you homes value. Look at are recent "solds" within the last 6 months. Then you want to look at current active listings and try to ask 15-20% less as this will attract qualified buyers. Most important is to "Price It Right" in the very beginning. Qualified buyers look within the first 2 weeks of a new listing and this is when the most activity occurs. Email me to get a helpful document.

Am I required to do open houses?

There is controversy about this subject. It depends on where you live. Here in Connecticut I have sold many homes with Open Houses. 93% of people search on the internet in the beginning stages. Many prefer going to open houses without any pressure and can bring family members who have busy schedules. Then they will contact their agents for a second private showing to get their expert opinions and advice and help with the offer.

What documents are required to make a purchase?

There are 3 major documents in Connecticut; 1)purchase and sales agreement, 2) proof of funds or prequalification letter from lender 3)initial deposit check aka. earnest money.